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When searching for an escrow company in the Lakewood area, look no further than Designated Escrow Inc. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have got you covered when it comes to the escrow needs you may have. Our escrow officers are appointed by the State Supreme Court in order to prepare the legal documents that Escrow Company founders Marie and Bruce Barthpertain to you and the closing of a real estate transaction. Our officers continue their education to be able to be aware of and practice the changes in escrow law that happen each year.

Not only are our escrow agents educated and highly trained, but they are also passionate about providing the highest quality escrow services possible. This means that you will get the care and advice that your transaction requires to be able to proceed hassle free. Another fantastic benefit that comes from using Designated Escrow Inc. is that the money we receive from fees stays right here in the community. This helps the community to be stimulated and to keep hard working people within the community employed.

Our escrow company is independently owned and operated right here in Lakewood, WA. We have been taking care of the escrow needs in the area for over 20 years and are definitely committed to this community. We offer facilities that are large enough to handle simultaneous closings which makes it easier for us to accommodate to people's busy schedules and situations. We also offer the top of the line software systems to ensure that your escrow closings happen correctly and in an efficient manner. This also helps to save our clients time as transactions are done as swiftly as possible.

Escrow Company with over 20 yrs experience - Escrow Lakewood Puyallup Tacoma, escrow Tacoma, escrow Lakewood, escrow Puyallup, escrow company Tacoma, escrow agents Tacoma, escrow company Lakewood, escrow agents Lakewood, escrow company Puyallup, escrow agents Puyallup, Escrow Lakewood Puyallup Tacoma WA Washington.Because each transaction is so unique, our escrow company is committed in providing complete custom service to handle any type of transaction. In order to accomplish this, our escrow officers will effectively communicate with you to portray the most current status available on the transaction at hand. Our ability to provide a consistent level of expertise is what has made us the top escrow company in the local area.

Here at Designated Escrow Inc., no transaction is too big or too small as we have the team and the experience to handle any transaction that is sent our way. If you want to make sure that your escrow transaction is done correctly, safely, and efficiently, then make sure you hire the experts here at Designated Escrow Inc. Contact us today to take care of all of your current or future escrow needs.

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